Flux Project 4i has a built-in 31 band professional 6 Channel DSP and a built-in 4 channel full range amplifier with a maximum output of 50 Watts at a 4 Ohm load.

DSP function has been supported by software with a simple UI display, but still with a very flexible setting feature to make sound settings.

Used hi-grade components with a double layer circuit, including using an Analog to Digital 96 KHz / 24 Bit converter, Digital to Analog 192 KHz Sampling Rate / 24 bits for quality sound processing with high resolution.

Flux Project 4i is supported with 4 Channel Hi-Level input, 4 Channel RCA input and 6 channel RCA output.

With these features and specifications, Flux Project 4i can function as a plug and play DSP Amplifier for OEM audio systems using a harness cable, or 6 channel stand-alone DSP and use external amplifiers according to the needs of the desired audio system concept.
Midwoofer (T160H):
• 6.5" Midwoofer, semi pressed papper cone & dust cap with special coated.
• Alumunium vented die cast basket
• 60 mm Woofer Mount Depth.

Tweeter (HT-25H):
• 25mm v/c with special hand coated silk dome.

Passive Crossover (XH-260):
2 way Passive Crossover for Hybrid-260 With adjustable tweeter level.
Single sided PCB with 2 OZ copper thickness to maximize signal transfers.
Using selected silver solder to maximize contacts.
Selected component to maximize each frequency characteristic to achieve the best tonal accuracy.
FLUX FS-05 SOUND INSULATION MATERIAL!! The Best & Thinest material for reduce road & engine NOISE significantly!!

Feature Highlite:
• Made with a “sandwich” configuration, which consists of sound damper, sound blocking, sound absorber & glue
Easy to apply, flexible and strong adhesive

• 5mm Thickness, for the sound insulator category FS-05 is the thinnest material compared to other brands.
Size per sheet 50 x 37.5 cm

• 1 box contains 15 sheets

• It is very effective in reducing the noise that comes from tire friction when on the road and the engine significantly.

• Installation Area: floor and firewall area (under dashboard area)
The materials used are safe for health and do not cause odor.
PROJECT-8i is a audio processor built in amplifier, which has 8 channels for sound tuning, each channel is equipped with an amplifier. 7 channels with 50 Watt power and 1 channel with 200 Watt power at 4 ohms for each channel.

Project-8i Feature:
- 8 Channel DSP with Amplifier
- High Res Audio Support
- Plug & Play Installation
- Friendly User Interface PC Software
- Remote Control Included
- USB Hi-Res Audio Player
- Bluetooth Audio Streaming
- 31 band Parametric EQ
- Size: 205 (L) x 140 (W) x 53 (H) mm