Our New Reference Series will set the new standard in high-end car audio loudspeakers. Built upon the finest materials and advanced research in newly updated technology to ensure that sound is reproduced as realistically as possible with exceptional precision and accuracy.
The New Reference series features improved material and technology. It comes with 3 upgrades: cone, motor structure, and tweeter.

◼️ The new cone material is a combination of old-fashioned non-press paper and a new technology coating process that provides additional durability and rigidity while delivering deeper bass and better transient to create a completely new sound.

◼️ Upgraded motor structure is made to match our new cone technology, to get a more dynamic sound that is also more efficient in power without losing any details.

◼️ Additionally, the new and improved Reference Series Tweeter can achieve a frequency response of more than 20 kHz, eliminating the need for an additional super tweeter.
Overall, we create the New Reference Series based on our passion & love as audiophiles. Improving the music listening experience to achieve a car audio speaker system that can produce the most musical, dynamic and transparent sound possible.