Power amplifiers are needed when we want to upgrade the standard car speakers so that the sound produced by the speakers becomes optimal. FLUX SPORTY AMPLIFIER is a class A/B amplifier with a dynamic and fast character. The output is 90 watts per channel when used in a 4 channel stereo configuration with a 4 ohm load, can also be bridged to get more output power, complete with variable low pass and high pass filters.

The Flux Sporty Amplifier is designed for high quality systems, using high quality components to produce accurate and detailed sound. It has a silver-coloured aluminium case/body with a massive heat sink for good heat dissipation.
In the year of 2001, the first milestone was taken and since then our journey began, it was built on our dream and passion to create a masterpiece for car audio lovers. Our valuable experience in car audio industry for more than 2 decades has always been our key strength.
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