Recognising the importance of acoustic damping in vehicles, FLUX Audio continues to complete the type of damping products that are suitable and functional so that the driver can feel more comfortable after installing the damper. FLUX FA Series is an acoustic material that absorbs noise, vibration and heat in vehicles. The main function of FLUX FA Series is to absorb high and medium frequency noise, usually generated by plastic panels in the vehicle interior when driving on bad roads.

Installing FLUX FA Series in a vehicle makes the cabin more comfortable and also improves the quality of the vehicle's audio system. The material is an "open cell" foam with a bitumen-polyurethane foam composition, bonded for easy application. Applications include door trim, roof and/or plastic parts of the vehicle interior.
In the year of 2001, the first milestone was taken and since then our journey began, it was built on our dream and passion to create a masterpiece for car audio lovers. Our valuable experience in car audio industry for more than 2 decades has always been our key strength.
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